April 20, 2024


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$200,000 Settlement for Texas Man Pepper-Sprayed When Recording Son’s Website traffic Cease

Footage from Officer Shimanek’s human body camera displays Dillon staying requested to step out of the auto and then immediately handcuffed. The footage exhibits his father recording the come across with his smartphone from his truck, and Officer Shimanek yelling that Mr. Puente was obstructing the roadway and threatening him with arrest.

When a second officer, Ankit Tomer, arrived, Officer Shimanek directed him to arrest Mr. Puente.

A photograph provided in the lawsuit demonstrates Officer Shimanek putting Mr. Puente in a headlock. Mr. Puente was then pepper-sprayed, according to movie footage, with Officer Tomer eradicating Mr. Puente’s sunglasses just before spraying him a second time.

After getting sprayed, handcuffed and positioned in a patrol motor vehicle, Mr. Puente consistently questioned, to no avail, for support, according to the lawsuit. He asked for the irritant to be wiped from his eyes, and claimed he experienced issues breathing, it claimed.

Right after pulling into the sally port of the jail, Officer Tomer stopped the vehicle and received out. Afterwards, when the officer opened the automobile doorway once again, Mr. Puente could be read screaming, “I’m begging you man, please!”

At the jail, Mr. Puente sat for 7 minutes pleading for enable as Officer Tomer “stood outside the house the car getting a informal discussion with other officers,” in accordance to the lawsuit. All those seven minutes “amounted to pure torture,” it stated.

Mr. Puente was billed with resisting arrest and interference with community duties, Mr. Palmer, his law firm, claimed. He was introduced the evening he was arrested, and the costs have been later on dropped.

Dillon Puente was arrested and taken to jail on charges of earning an incorrect broad right convert. He was later introduced following paying a great, Mr. Palmer reported.