July 25, 2024


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3 outdated myths about weight-loss surgeries

20 Weight Loss Myths—Busted! | Eat This, Not That!

Decided on bariatric surgery, but still struggling to step further? Likely, the reason that stops you from a healthier life change is myths. Professional bariatric surgeons reveal 3 common, very harmful opinions that only complicate candidates’ journey to a more balanced lifestyle.

Myth No 1: Weight loss is an effortless, easy way out

Yes, it is the way out for the most heavily overweight patients, but definitely not an effortless one. Efforts that patients must put in are relatively equal to the work professionals make. In other words, a holistic approach to weight loss surgery makes candidates’ compliance an inevitable part of the harmonious journey.

What does precisely that compliance mean? Experts reveal essential points:

  • Regular physical activity
  • Strict dietary plan
  • Use of supplements
  • Refusal of harmful habits (smoking, alcohol, junk foods)

While it’s true that in some cases surgery is the only way out of the excess-weight burden, you can now tell that it would be a constant work with yourself.

Myth No 2: One procedure fits all

After their own research (which is very welcome), patients sometimes find the only and the best option. Yes, even before the surgeon’s consultation! The myth that one procedure fits all gets into the way of finding the best solution individually. For example, bypass gastrectomy is effective, but your health condition might indicate that pouch plication would work out better.

Myth No 3: Weight setback is a natural part of the process

While it’s true that some patients face setbacks, it’s an exception, not a rule. Keeping up to specific surgeons, nutritionists, and sports specialists’ instructions leaves a very little chance to gain all the weight back. Studies have shown that after the surgery, more extremely obese patients keep the weight off, compared to the ones fighting overweight without surgical intervention. 

As expected, every surgery carries some risks, and sometimes setbacks could be a consequence of unrelated health issues. If you are in the hands of professionals, they will find a favorable solution in any scenario.

Now, let’s look at this type of operation as you would consider any other medical procedure. Needless to say – the final decision should be based on professional opinion, not myths found in questionable forums. And definitely not someone else’s individual case that’s most likely isn’t similar to the one you’re dealing with.