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7 Mouth-Watering Restaurants for Rooftop Brunches in LA


Los Angeles is known for its warm weather, clear skies, and foodie culture. It’s no surprise that it is also an excellent place to enjoy brunch at a rooftop bar. And LA shines in the era of outdoor dining because it’s the ideal city to meet outside with friends over a meal. This article lists seven excellent places to enjoy a rooftop brunch with friends in LA, from Hollywood to Venice Beach.

There are a couple of things to note about brunch here. First of all, most rooftop bars don’t open until 10:00 a.m. or later, so if you’re an early bird, you may want to get in a yoga session first. Secondly, if you prefer a traditional pancake or waffle breakfast, you’ll be surprised by the number of restaurants that serve eggs benedict, ahi tuna tartare, and oysters for brunch.

Additionally, because LA is a car city, it’s essential to know when or if you’ll need to make a reservation and what parking is like (we’ve listed that here).

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The Perch Los Angeles California

Perch, Downtown Los Angeles

The Fanciest French Brunch in Downtown LA

With thousands of reviews, Perch is the one rooftop bar it seems every Angeleno has been to at least once. Even out-of-town visitors may have heard of this French-inspired restaurant, which lands on the top of most rooftop bar lists. Perch will convince you of how hip and posh downtown LA can be. Arrive dressed in the required “upscale casual” style; you and your friends will want to take photos.

Brunch begins at 10:00 a.m. on weekends, and entrees cost an average of $22. The brunch menu is standard, with several types of eggs benedict and French toast. Popular choices include French toast, steak fries, and ahi tuna tartare. You can also order off the regular menu, which includes salads, burgers, and oysters on Sunday. Cocktails cost between $12 to $16 and are often fruity, like vodka “Berry LA,” peach bellini, and fruit sangria by the glass or pitcher.

Don’t wait to reserve a spot at Perch. If you’re arriving as a party of one or two, you should book a space at least one to two weeks in advance, and if you’re in a party of three or more, you’ll need at least two to three weeks’ advance. Bring $13 cash plus a tip for valet parking if you’re driving.

Tip: Take the LA Metro to the local stop Pershing Square for an authentic DTLA experience (and justify a second cocktail). Then walk around Pershing Square park, which hosts summer evening events.

Yelp: www.yelp.com/biz/perch-los-angeles

Website: www.perchla.com


Ace Hotel, downtown Los Angeles

Upstairs at the Ace Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles

The Best Place for a Last-Minute Poolside Brunch

Los Angeles can be fancy, but it’s a relaxed city more often than not. A few rooftop bars are remarkably unfussy, like Upstairs at the Ace Hotel. At Upstairs, there’s no cover, no dress code, no need for reservations, and local parking lots cost $10 or less. Even the menu won’t break your bank. No plans for Sunday brunch? No worries, go Upstairs.

Upstairs is photogenic. You can sit on lounge chairs or around a square, heated wading pool. You’ll also notice features like an indoor courtyard, an artificial Gothic cathedral, and a red neon sign that says “Jesus Saves.” From the top of this 13th-floor rooftop bar, you’ll look out over some of the more iconic buildings in downtown LA.

Ace Hotel brunch

Brunch begins at 10:30 a.m. on weekends, and though the menu is modest, you will pay an average of $13 per dish. Choose an open-faced toast – avocado, burrata, salmon – or even salads or oysters. You can also order breakfast granola or oats. Cocktails cost between $10 to $15 and are creative, like the “Paleta,” a Mexican-influenced vodka drink with passionfruit, cucumber, and pineapple.

Finally, parking is mercifully easy for LA, as you can park in one of the two adjoining public parking lots for $8-$10, even on weekends.

Tip: Wear your swimsuit and bring sunscreen and a towel; the large heated pool is a relaxing way to enjoy the downtown views. If you have the time, stay for an evening show at the Theatre downstairs, one of the most awe-inspiring places to see a performance.

Yelp: www.yelp.com/biz/upstairs-at-the-ace-hotel-los-angeles

Website: https://acehotel.com/los-angeles/eat-drink/upstairs

The Line Hotel - Los Angeles 1042

Openaire at LINE Hotel, Koreatown, Los Angeles

The Best Gourmet Brunch in a Greenhouse

Koreatown, or “K-Town,” is one of LA’s most dynamic downtown neighborhoods and the ideal location for the contemporary LINE hotel and its rooftop oasis of a restaurant: Openaire. Josiah Citrin, a two-time Michelin Star chef, operates this restaurant. The greenhouse-themed dining room invites diners to sit amongst ferns, palms, and other lush foliage, making Openaire the perfect place for a gourmet garden brunch.

Brunch starts at 10:00 a.m., and tables can be reserved a few days in advance. Main dishes cost an average of $27 at Openaire, but it’s worth it for dishes like crunchy French toast with caramelized bananas or lobster chilaquiles. Classics like eggs benedict and ahi tuna tartare are here, too, dishes you’ll find on most brunch menus across the city. However, even the classics have been elevated with LA cultural influences, like Korean spices.

The drinks are also unique, with standout orders like the “midnight margarita,” a charcoal-infused tequila-based drink that is jet-black. You can also order bottomless mimosas or Bloody Marys for $30 per person.

Parking costs $11-$16 for validated parking, so if you’re driving, bring your parking ticket to show your waiter. You can also take the LA Metro here, exiting the Wilshire / Normandie subway station.

Tip: Enjoy a true K-Town day by spending the afternoon at one of the many local spas like Crystal Spa. Unlike European-style spas, Korean spas are more affordable (typically $30 for admission).

Yelp: www.yelp.com/biz/openaire-los-angeles

Website: www.thelinehotel.com/los-angeles/restaurants-bars/openaire

Poppy & Rose, Flower Market, Downtown Los Angeles

The Best Soul Food Brunch for Socially-Conscious Diners

Located in the flower district of downtown Los Angeles, this Black-owned restaurant offers one of the tastiest soul food brunches in the city. Socially-conscious diners will appreciate that Poppy & Rose is not only Black-owned but also donates meals to unhoused people in Los Angeles. Eating here is good for the stomach and soul. Additionally, you’ll get unique skyline views of downtown Los Angeles.

A brunch costs an average of $15 at Poppy & Rose, and the seasonal menu offers unique items like chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, and cobbler French toast. Cocktails range from $12 to $16 and must-tries include a Bloody Mary with fried chicken wing and floral drinks such as a rose mojito and lavender limeade, both served with locally-bought flowers.

Poppy + Rose recently added an outdoor patio with picnic tables, sun sails, and artificial grass like many other restaurants. Though the rooftop can be uncomfortably warm during summer midday, you can dine here as early as 9:00 a.m., making it one of the few rooftop spots you won’t have to wait until mid-morning to enjoy. Reserve a table a couple of days in advance, then park on the third floor of this building, feet away from the outdoor rooftop dining area. Validated parking costs $3, a great deal in LA.

Tip: Visit early on a Saturday morning, then browse the historic flower market across the street.

Yelp: www.yelp.com/biz/poppy-rose-los-angeles

Website: www.poppyandrose.com

Eataly Los Angeles

Terra at Eataly LA, Century City, Los Angeles

The Best Place for Brunch Drinks on the Westside

With only eight locations in North America, the Italian marketplace Eataly includes Italian groceries, bakeries, retail shops, and restaurants. LA’s Eataly launched in 2017 inside the Westfield Century City shopping center next to Santa Monica. Terra is a rooftop restaurant on the third floor of Eataly. Terra is the ideal restaurant for brunch drinks.

The nine-page drink menu offers several Italian crafted drinks like grappa (grape-based brandy), amari (herbal liqueur), and spritz cocktails (try the apricot-flavored “marigold spritz”). Guests may also design a “build your own gin and tonic.” Most drinks cost $15 to $18. Dishes from the brunch menu cost around $20 and are limited to breakfast basics like frittatas and a basket of assorted croissants.

Reserve a spot a couple of days in advance, but arrive at least 30 minutes before due to the time it will take from the parking lot to the rooftop of Eataly. Parking costs $4 per hour in the mall parking lot and is not validated.

Tip: Eataly opens at 8:30 a.m. on weekends, so browse the shops and bakeries before heading to the third floor for brunch, which begins at 10:30 a.m.

Yelp: www.yelp.com/biz/terra-at-eataly-los-angeles-los-angeles

Website: www.eataly.com/us_en/stores/los-angeles/la-terra

Mama Shelter Rooftop Bar, Hollywood, Los Angeles

The Most Playful Place for a Midday Brunch

Mama Shelter is a great place to experience kid-like wonder with your friends. On this sixth-floor rooftop, you’ll have views of the Hollywood sign while you play table games like ping-pong. Mama Shelter doesn’t open until noon and only takes walk-ins, so it’s the ideal rooftop spot for late-sleeping friends meeting up without making reservations.

Food is limited here and costs $23 on average for a main dish. But if you’re in the mood for lunch, it’s perfect. For example, popular choices are the “Le Royale” burger and chicken sandwich. Mixed drinks cost $16 to $18, and highlights include the mules, which range from Moscow to Mexican mules. You can also opt for bottle service, which costs $200 to $800 and comes with three complimentary juice or soda mixers.

Parking is notoriously difficult in Hollywood, and it may be best to share a Lyft or Uber here. Alternatively, take the LA Metro to the Hollywood / Vine station, a 10-minute walk from Mama Shelter.

Tip: Get comfortable and forget the dress shoes because this rooftop has soft-cushioned couches perfect for lounging with your feet up.

Yelp: www.yelp.com/biz/mama-shelter-rooftop-bar-los-angeles

Website: https://mamashelter.com/los-angeles/eat-drink

French toast with Captain Crunch

High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin, Venice Beach

The Best Beach Views in LA

Though Los Angeles is a beach city, there are surprisingly few rooftop bars with ocean views. So, Hotel Erwin’s High Rooftop Lounge is one of the best – and only – rooftop dining spots. From the top of this boutique hotel, you’ll see palm trees, ocean views, and the usual eccentricity of Venice Beach street life. You’re also conveniently close to LAX airport if you or your friends catch a flight.

The lounge opens at 10:00 a.m., but this is a sunset spot. As a result, morning reservations are easy, even one or two days in advance. Just note that no one under 21 years old will be allowed to eat here. To guarantee the best views in the lounge, you can opt to pay $50 per person for “VIP premier seating.”

Venice Beach views

Though there is no brunch menu, lunch items are served in the morning, like pizza, nachos, tacos, and burgers. Most dishes cost around $15. Drinks best accompany that view, including a couple of memorable choices like hot toddies and spiked hot chocolate.

Parking in Venice Beach is a notorious hassle, and nearby lots can cost up to $45 on the weekend. Hotel Erwin offers limited valet parking, so bring a $20 bill if you decide to try that option. However, it’s best to park a 10-minute walk away or ride-share here. It’s worth it for that sixth-floor view.

Tip: LA beaches can be surprisingly cool and cloudy, particularly in early summer, so bring a blanket and wear layers of clothing.

Yelp: www.yelp.com/biz/high-rooftop-lounge-venice

Website: www.hotelerwin.com/food-drink/high-rooftop-lounge

In summary, if you’re looking for a place to enjoy a weekend brunch with friends, we hope you’ll enjoy this list of seven spots for views, drinks, and food.

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