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9 Montessori-aligned Teeth Brushing Tips for Toddlers — The Montessori-Minded Mom


Are you drained of tooth brushing time in your house currently being a time of anxiety and upset for the two you and your toddler? Are you wanting for some mild, Montessori-aligned teeth brushing tips?

You have arrive to the appropriate spot.

Brushing your toddler’s enamel doesn’t have to be a major battle. There are a great deal of strategies you can carry out that can aid your toddler truly feel a lot more at relieve with the approach.

image of child refusing to brush his teeth. Montessori teeth brushing tips will help him.

How do I brush my toddler’s teeth with no a combat?

At some issue in time, your beforehand agreeable toddler may possibly remaining to resist possessing their tooth brushed.

At this age (the correct age will vary but this frequently takes place concerning 18-24 months), toddlers are realizing increasingly that they are separate beings from their mothers – the entrepreneurs and operators of their personal bodies.

Toddlers understand that they can say “no” to matters they do not want, and who really wants an individual achieving into their mouth with a toothbrush?

So, cleansing a toddler’s teeth naturally will become a battle.

There are strategies, even though, to give your boy or girl the autonomy they crave though earning guaranteed they get their teeth brushed.

9 Montessori-aligned teeth brushing ideas for mother and father

Enable your kid to pick out their own toothbrush & toothpaste

Does your baby have a favored animal, e-book character, or Tv display? I’m guaranteed they do!

Hard cash in on your toddler’s wish for autonomy in conclusion-building and have them accompany you to the retailer to decide out their possess toothbrush and/or toothpaste.

This serves 2 functions – to give them some electricity in the condition and to get them enthusiastic about brushing their teeth.

Enable your toddler take a turn very first

Toddlers appreciate to do points them selves, but tooth brushing is not one thing that should really be still left up to a kid until eventually at the very least 6 several years outdated. (Several young children have to have help brushing their enamel properly previous 6.)

You can attempt placing a timer for your kid and for oneself. Your toddler can brush for X variety of seconds and you can brush right after them for the total 2 minutes.

Montessori Sensible Daily life Brushing Teeth Presentation

Enamel are amazing. They are fun to count, understand the names of, and treatment for.

Toddlers could not be very ready for a formal presentation of this Practical Life Exercise, but investing in a tray of learning resources, depending on your child’s temperament, may be a fantastic notion.

Have your youngster enjoy you brush your enamel

It’s vital to enable our young children to witness us execute self-care tasks.

Toddlers want to see that we just take the time to care for our own enamel.

Just like any other process of our that our youngsters emulate, viewing us brush our individual teeth could prompt them to want to do the identical – and ideally permit us to enable them.

Melissa & Doug Tremendous Smile Dentist Package

Contrary to popular belief, pretend perform is encouraged in Montessori houses. Little ones take pleasure in mimicking what they see older people do and Montessori encourages this.

If your toddler has frequented a dentist, receiving them a toy dentist package, like the one particular beneath, can aid them explore and get enthusiastic about oral treatment.

Plastic toys with playdoh “plaque”

Supplying toddlers a possibility to exercise a skill on their very own, all through play, is a good way for them to make perception of the lessons we have given them.

Placing a little bit of playdoh on the enamel of any plastic toy and location a toothbrush subsequent to it is the ideal invitation for a toddler to discover the ideas concerned in enamel brushing.

Enamel brushing tracks

I try to remember a early morning a pair of yrs back whereby we ended up in a bit of a rush and I ushered the children towards the door in the early morning in advance of their teeth experienced been brushed.

My 3.5-yr-previous stopped me and sang “Twice a day, get it finished. Place a little toothpaste on! Mommy, we have to brush our teeth!”.

It was from a teeth brushing music we listened to a great deal on our Alexa at the time.

If you lookup Youtube or Amazon Audio, you will be capable to find some enjoyable songs about brushing tooth.

Young ones adore tunes. So, if you are getting trouble with obtaining your toddler to permit your brush their tooth, listening to some enjoyment teeth brushing songs can support.

Take edge of bathtime

In our household, we’ve constantly taken advantage of baths for self-care responsibilities of all forms.

This is since baths are enjoyable (the youngsters are agreeable in the bathtub) and the young ones are presently in the mood for acquiring clean.

Established up a self-care station in the lavatory

If you want to deliver your toddler with highest autonomy when it comes time for oral hygiene, environment up a self-treatment station in your toilet is a great thought, presented you have the space.

Possessing child-measurement areas and modest home furniture assists toddlers feel critical and able.

The toddler lavatory self-care station in the image below can serve as a excellent guidebook for putting together your possess.

The stage wherein brushing your child’s tooth is a struggle, although it feels like a mile-long uphill battle, is fairly small for most families.

With these Montessori-aligned enamel brushing ideas, you may be in a position to get in advance of the difficulties or at least fulfill them head-on.

Do you have any suggestions to add to this record? Any gizmos, video games, or other methods that have aided get your toddler by means of the toothbrush battles?

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