December 9, 2023


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Alain Bourdon, The Minimalist Wave


About Alain Bourdon

Alain Bourdon is a french graphic designer, obsessed with waves, their styles, and all of what they belong to. For this, with the Minimalist Wave project, he attempts to depict the lighter side of an amazing phenomenon that constantly evolves and is never ever the very same. He produces hand drawing minimal sketches displaying fluid sorts resembling a wave, a surfer in the middle of the ocean, a surfboard upcoming to the h2o, and so on. Alain wants to seize just about every probable depth largely by observing and staring at a landscape he genuinely feels belonging to.

He is also the owner of Alain Bourdon Graphic Design and style Studio and currently being made use of to busy day to day rhythms, Alain drawings are an personal minute to come to feel targeted whilst allowing every thing move around.

The Minimalist Wave

The Minimalist Wave began by possibility. Just one day Alain was on the cellphone with a shopper and begun drawing random waves on a sheet of paper. Since he felt content with the visible consequence, he commenced filling a total notebook of identical sketches. Afterwards, a good friend noticed the drawings and inspired him to go even more with them.

Applying a black and white palette strictly arrives from a radical and small type selection. What moves Alain is to say a minimal, with just a bit of stimulus in a globe stuffed with inputs and visual contamination.

Experience element of mother nature with no entitlement is the essence in his drawings. To Alain, cities and buildings are human-centered. On the other aspect, nature is a separate identity, and we need to find out to observe and reside with it.

So as for browsing the ocean or climbing a tree may well carry 1 nearer to mother nature, drawing it is an endeavor to do so.

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The Minimalist Wave Image
The Minimalist Wave Image
The Minimalist Wave Image
Moon slide
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
The Wait
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
Morning Bathtub
 The Minimalist Wave Image
The Minimalist Wave Image
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
Complete Moon
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
Morning Slide




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