May 29, 2024


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An education for critics of student loan forgiveness


I actually have to surprise at the particular person who concluded that college student debts are the final result of overindulgent parents “buying for the child regardless of what he wants” (”Student phone calls for school debt relief implies overindulgence by mom and dad,” Could 4). What kind of a improvident dad or mum would invest in almost everything for their progeny but are unsuccessful to finance a university training so that they would have to borrow cash?

College student loans are for the function of providing greater education for people who can not afford to pay for higher education or for persons whose dad and mom are skeptical or unconcerned about the deserves of larger education and learning. The letter author seems to feel pupil financial loans occur from the tooth fairy unaware that non-public bank financial loans as nicely as the U.S. Section of Education supply these.

President Biden has no ability that I’m mindful of to call for personal banking companies to choose it on the chin. The writer also claims that forgiving student money owed will elevate prices due to the fact establishments will be frightened of losing cash. Has he been hiding beneath a rock for 30 decades? Establishments of higher learning have been increasing tuitions profligately to the level that university student financial loans are needed for all but the very wealthy.

Even with the price of instruction at ruinous ranges, it nonetheless has significant benefit if it protects us from civic and fiscal ignorance.

— Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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