April 14, 2024


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“Beyond Walls” by Saype in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – StreetArtNews


For the fifteenth stage of the global artwork “Beyond Walls” in Rio de Janeiro, Saype strives to bridge the impassable length between Benin (tenth stage of the challenge) and Brazil. Therefore permitting these who still left across the ocean never ever to return, to feel again the desperate embrace of these who noticed them drift away forever… from African origin to American vacation spot, from light to night time, from freedom to slavery.

The large eco accountable landart paintings by Saype were developed on the Estàcio favela (825m2) and Copacabana beach (1.500m2). These two artworks were being created working with organic pigments built out of charcoal and chalk. “Beyond Walls”  global challenge aims to hyperlinks additional than 30 towns over the entire world to promote the concept of togetherness. 

Over and above partitions erected by individuals between persons, Saype went to satisfy the regional communities in the Estacìo favela.

In between the postcard image of Copacabana, which even so bears the tragic marks of background, and the favela, the gigantic palms of “Beyond Walls” attempt to prevail over the fractures of the earlier as very well as individuals that are still really present. They remind us that it is only by means of cooperation that walls tumble down and that the universal gets to be a fact: “the universal is the neighborhood minus the walls” (Miguel Torga).

In an significantly polarised world, the artist chooses to paint symbolically the most significant human chain in the world, inviting us to embrace kindness and togetherness, this is the “Beyond Walls” project. Pairs of hands, which intertwine and travel from town to town, and type a big chain painted on the ground symbolising union, mutual assist, and typical work further than walls.

Verify out underneath for more pictures of “Beyond Walls” venture in Rio de Janeiro.

Photograph credits: Saype


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