February 27, 2024


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Commercial Solar: How Much Does Commercial Solar Cost in New Orleans?

Solar Panels in New Orleans 2021: Cost, Companies & Installation Tips

With all of the recent trends, going solar and using solar panels for energy has become one of the popular ways to get renewable energy in New Orleans and people tend to ask the question, are commercial solar panels worth it? The scene of commercial solar in New Orleans has been growing and there are a ton of places that you could go to for consultation and installation. So, how much does a commercial solar cost in New Orleans?

How much energy can you get from solar in New Orleans, LA

If you want to know how the solar panel systems are measured, they are measured in terms of kW. 5kW is the common size of solar panels and they could usually take up around 400 square feet of your space, which is why when you choose to get a solar panel, you have to make sure you have enough space. This is why people usually install solar panels on their roofs.  

It depends on the size, but a solar panel could produce up to 350 to 850 kWh or Air Conditioning energy a month. A typical household could use up about 897 kWh a month so it is very much possible that you could generate just enough energy to cover 100 percent of all your power needs. 

1 panel could give you 250 watts a panel, with a size of 20 square feet and it could generate you about 17.5 to 42.5 kWh of Air Conditioning per month.

What rebates and incentives are there in New Orleans, LA for solar?

Louisiana Net Metering

    This is one of the most important regulatory policies that you could get in New Orleans,

Louisiana for residential solar owners. Having this would then allow you to be able to

sell any other excess solar energy that you could collect and sell it back to the grid. This

would be an advantage, especially if you live in a sunny place so while you are up and out

during the day and aren’t using your solar system at your house, You could be saving a

a lot of money by selling it back to the electric company.

Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)

As a homeowner with a solar system, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

may or may not offer you low-interest home improvement loans who are willing and are planning on going solar, or they could conduct any other efficiency measures on their property. You can receive a HELP loan with a reduced interest rate in order to pay for all of your energy work after you get a recommendation or recommendations from an energy auditor. This is all thanks to funds that were allocated by the Department of Natural Resources.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit

Using an Investment Tax Credit (ITC), you will be able to reduce the cost of your PV solar energy system by 26 percent so you should not forget about all of your possible federal solar incentives! There is a catch though, the ITC would only apply to all of those people who choose to buy their PV system either using a cash purchase or a solar loan and you must have enough income so that the tax credit would be more meaningful.

Average solar panel cost by system size in New Orleans

System Size                System Cost            System Cost (after ITC)

3 kW                    $8,700                    $6,438

4 kW                    $11,600                    $8,584

5 kW                    $14,500                    $10,730

6 kW                    $17,400                    $12,876

7 kW                    $20,300                    $15,022

8 kW                    $23,200                    $17,168

9 kW                    $26,100                    $19,314

10 kW                    $29,000                    $21,460

Top solar installers in New Orleans, LA

  1. Sun Power by South Coast Solar LLC
  2. Solar Alternatives, Inc.
  3. Sunpro Solar
  4. T And M Electrical Services, Llc
  5. Bayou Solar, Llc
  6. PosiGen
  7. Joule Solar Energy
  8. Comfort Engineered Systems, Inc.
  9. KDH Solar

A ton of people use solar and solar panels so that they would be able to save a ton of money from electricity and they could even make money from it because of all of the incentives that New Orleans, Louisiana could give you. A single solar panel has the ability to cover about 1/12th of the electricity that your household would need, so getting a ton of solar panels (about 10 to 20 of them) could then cover the majority of your natural electricity needs.