December 11, 2023


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Ep 111 Is It Time to Evolve your Art Style?


In today’s artwork podcast we talk to “Is time to evolve your artwork design and style?”

Ep111 is it time to evolve your art style

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It appeared appropriate to speak about this currently because Sandra’s at a little bit of a crossroads and we both of those always attempt to share our own encounters as artists with you.


When may well it be time to Evolve Your Art Type?

What are the notify tale indications that you are completely ready to evolve, or even transform path fully?

Very well I assume the first indication is when your get the job done feels way too straightforward and you no extended really feel challenged by it.

Now I really don’t know about you, but I like a bit of a obstacle and one particular of the challenges I set myself a extensive time in the past was to understand to paint. And I can do that. And I really like it. The problem is, that when I attain a target, I really feel I need to go the intention article so I’m always building some form of a progression. If you never do that, then matters begin acquiring a bit way too easy. And when that takes place, you shed that perception of achievement when you have developed anything new.

And I guess that when you presently know what your finished piece will appear like, prior to you even get started it, then there’s no puzzle to it anymore, and that puzzle is fifty percent the enjoyment,


  • When you pass up ‘learning’ – what we imply by this is you have already mastered what you have been accomplishing to a good degree and truly feel the require to study a little something new and make new discoveries.
  • When you have forgotten what a satisfied incident feels like – When you know precisely what you are accomplishing you get much less errors and so you really do not get individuals delighted accidents. I can not inform you how substantially I love a pleased accident. It has definitely led me to the do the job I build now.
  • When you uncover other people’s art far more interesting than your very own – Your likes and dislikes may possibly be altering over time. Possibly the art you applied to like is not the exact as what you like now.
  • When you just sense ‘in a rut’ – Occasionally you just want to make a change since you are a bit bored.


When I’ve obtained a painting on the go, I’m generally itching to get to it.

That is an obvious signal that I’m loving the procedure and I’m experiencing what I’m carrying out.

But if you come across your self procrastinating involving paintings, and determining that cleansing the bathroom is extra significant, that could possibly be a signal that you require to modify points up a very little bit.

Now of course it may well also be a sign that you are terrified to fail, in which circumstance that is not a time to shake items up, that is a time to stick with what your doing until finally you’ve nailed it.


  • When you envy the way other artists tactic their individual get the job done – that might just due to the fact because you see the independence their design permits them to work in. I used to look at Lewis Rossignol’s do the job and be really envious of how cost-free he appeared to be in his artwork.
  • When you want to get shed in your painting and truly feel “in the zone” but your existing fashion feels way too methodical – When I used to paint the extremely colourful faces at initial it was difficult and fascinating, but I could hardly ever genuinely lose myself in them and be totally expressive. Switching how I worked gave me the experience I wanted when making my art.


When you sense that you have come to be too predictable, that’s a further indicator to check out anything distinct. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to alter your style. It might just suggest you want to try a new subject matter or a new medium. Or possibly you just want to add an intriguing component to your paintings.

When you retain creating the very same type of art due to the fact you truly feel you ought to, because that is what your collectors or followers are anticipating, then there is that threat of getting to be a bit predictable. And it’s way far more vital that you follow your very own path as an artist, than to do what every person thinks you ought to be doing. The worst factor you could do is turn out to be bored of your individual work, since it will present.


There are also great causes NOT to improve your artwork type

Never evolve your design to you should some others – it’s possible another person has explained to you that your art is very regular or on the other serious a bit “out there” in a not extremely complementary way. Perhaps they have suggested you really should improve your artwork a little bit. Really don’t do it except if you concur with them. Art will usually be better if you make the art you like.


You really don’t want to ‘change’ your style… There is a variation amongst evolving and transforming. This is of course critical if you are a providing artist and you are recognised for a thing in certain.

I was searching at some do the job by Christian Hook the other working day in a Gallery, and I noticed that he’d commenced incorporating random textual content to some of his latest function, which I hadn’t witnessed from him before…

There had been a couple of other aspects that ended up distinct to his typical approach… But what was intelligent is that the ‘bones’ of the operate have been still really of course his… He experienced just additional some attention-grabbing things to his paintings which gave them that component of shock.


You may possibly not even will need to evolve your art fashion, it’s possible you just need a quick alter. To try some thing new and see if it is a course you want to pursue.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t indicate you have to transform your style for good. It may just necessarily mean that you experiment and occur back to what you are undertaking with contemporary eyes. Or probably you may well just include 1 issue from your experiments.


Notion for evolving your artwork style

If you do come to feel that you are ready to evolve your artwork model consider switching slowly but surely

If you go also radical, you could obtain oneself emotion like a starter yet again and that could cause you to eliminate your self esteem, and you genuinely want to stay clear of that..


Pursuing on from above – change a single matter at a time, ie don’t quickly switch from watercolour landscapes to abstract oil paintings, except of study course it’s one thing you generally needed to try or you sense like a entirely radical alter.


If your not certain wherever to begin, established yourself a problem to do one thing you have normally wished to check out but ended up afraid to in circumstance you failed. Or locate an current artwork obstacle to support you learn new matters, and of system we have got loads of worries to choose from on our internet site, so get a appear if you haven’t currently.


Consider a training course, maybe a single with multiple teachers to get new inspiration. Keep in mind that it is always superior to obtain inspiration from several resources. You don’t want to copy an additional artist’s style. Alternatively, you want to consider factors from a lot of unique places


If you determine to make a adjust, then give you permission for it to go erroneous!

It could possibly consider a even though to get your head about what your trying to accomplish. So really don’t assume your initial couple of attempts to be as nicely been given as your typical get the job done. It will acquire a bit of time.


  • Be well prepared to ruin a painting, If you perform on a little something new and it begins remaining as well controlled, really do not be worried to destroy it by trying anything new on it.
  • Over all, be courageous. Due to the fact if you are at that crossroads, if you never adjust way now, when will you?

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