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Exclusive: Shunsuke’s origin story — from studying business and finance to cosplay king


This is One particular Esports’ very first report in an exceptional interview series with Shunsuke. Examine about how his dad responded to his selection of cosplay vocation in our second short article.

Shunsuke is a self-created total-time skilled cosplayer and self-taught photographer who began off crafting his very own costumes, and photographing himself modeling them fantastically.

This year, he signed with enterprise-backed esports, gaming, and enjoyment firm Tier 1 Leisure, co-started by cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao. He joins Knite and Hakken as the greatest cosplay trio underneath the esports, gaming, and leisure manufacturer.

Most not long ago, Shun pretty unfortunately lost just one million followers on TikTok and Instagram. Both accounts had been removed by the respective platforms, possibly simply because they acquired mass reports on his sexuality.

Self-expression as an artist, rising one’s social media as component of his enterprise, and how he continually strives to strengthen himself are some of the worries he’s experienced to face on his expert cosplay journey, he tells A single Esports in this exclusive interview.

Breaking into the cosplay scene in Europe

Shunsuke commenced cosplaying with a childhood friend when they have been all-around 14 to 15 several years outdated, after they identified their shared interest in the pastime.

Rising up in a smaller village in Switzerland, he recalls that “the cosplay scene was just about non-existent” 10 decades back, where by a complete of only 20 to 25 men and women practiced cosplay in the complete region. At that time, anyone also produced their own costumes due to the fact it was unachievable to obtain any on the internet.

“Once you start out costume creating, you get invites to events even if you are not that preferred but, just for the reason that of your crafting,” Shunsuke told One Esports, describing Europe as a region that has a deep appreciation for experienced craftsmanship.

He started off guesting at occasions in his second or third calendar year into cosplay, which prompted him to think about the chance of turning it into a total-time task.

“I was nonetheless learning finance and company at that time. I never know why I was trying to do that, for the reason that I was actually into art,” Shunsuke recalled. “I desired to have a stable work, but in the conclusion the genuine me just arrived out.”

Cosplay was an avenue for Shun to expand in a additional inventive industry, so he finished up investing far more and far more time into it. “Opportunities grew to become bigger and even larger and at some stage I was building ample funds to endure on my possess,” he explained.

How Shunsuke tailored when he turned cosplay into a career

In his initially 4 many years, Shun handmade at minimum one cosplay a month. Now, he only handmakes a costume if he intends to take element in a cosplay competitors. For the majority of the time, he operates with tailors, costume makers, and other artists to customise his outfits.

He designed this determination 3 several years in the past since a comprehensive-time cosplay occupation intended that he had to juggle many other facets of the organization. What is a lot more, the cosplay local community has also opened up so a lot that he feels “it has come to a level in which it’s a lot more appropriate to put on things that is premade.”

In spite of getting a learn craftsman himself, Shun hardly ever shared the frame of mind of looking down on other people for sporting retail outlet-acquired cosplays. Even when he was beginning out, he acquired costumes from time to time since he had so several figures he preferred to cosplay, and simply could not handmake them all.

“For the previous two several years I in fact have not handmade a great deal. I have only made just one costume from scratch,” he shared, highlighting that he significantly enjoys individuals moments when fellow cosplay contestants and judges choose time to recognize his handmade costume in detail in particular person.

“For so numerous yrs, I was generating all these costumes, and I would have on them only for just one photoshoot. In photos, you can’t even appreciate all the facts,” he extra. “I didn’t truly locate pleasure in performing that any more.”

Refining his craft as an artist and increasing as a individual

Consistently leveling up as a professional cosplayer and photographer in excess of the final 10 many years, Shunsuke is fueled by his individual perfectionist perspective.

When he is very pleased of all that he’s completed, he is also his harshest critic.

“That’s how I acquire skill as an artist,” he said. “Always beating by yourself up and never currently being content with what you are doing, so you are often pushing your limitations.”

“In simple fact, most definitely superior cosplayers I met in my existence normally had some kind of self-hatred of their have do the job. They are rarely at any time actually pleased 100%,” he added.

The significant expectations Shunsuke has realized for himself is apparent in his perform, social media adhering to, and the deluge of invitations to conventions. Cosplay has supplied him several possibilities to journey and meet new folks who arrive from totally various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Shunsuke was, at that time, dependent in Turkey since he ideal to experience the Middle East. Even nevertheless activities have been place on hold, and his earnings took a strike through that period of time, he is grateful that he could continue to “learn from Turkish people” in the course of the enforced split in a international country.

“I assume just about every human staying learns from assembly persons that are various,” he said. “So I would say I have grown the most traveling and meeting new individuals.”

Comply with Shunsuke on Twitter (@Shunsukecos) and Instagram (@shuncoser) to help his get the job done.

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