May 25, 2024


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Eye exercises: Do they really improve your vision?

We all like to stay active and fit when it comes to our physical health. Some people hit the gym both day and night to improve their health or to get their body in shape, Best eye exercises to improve vision.

While we treat our bodies with respect, we forget about our eyes and that they need caring too. And they don’t ask for too much. You don’t have to commit to a routine or lift weights to improve your eye health. It could be done easily with some simple exercises. 

Now we know that most of you people want to know how effective eye exercises are for your vision. And if they do anything towards treating the existing eye conditions affecting your eyesight.

Do eye exercises work?

To tell you the truth, eye exercises don’t correct your vision. But, when mixed with a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle, these exercises can actually improve your ability to see. 

And when your eyes are hurting from too much screen exposure, doing these exercises brings relief to your eyes. 

Our vision declines due to a number of reasons. Refractive errors most commonly occur due to the unusual shape of the cornea or eye lens. And yes, eye exercises can’t change the shape of your cornea. But, they can certainly protect your eyesight from declining even further. 

If you have a refractive error, it’s best to get a free eye test, have your prescription and get a pair of prescription glasses for yourself. 

Different types of eye exercises

The following exercises help in reducing eye strain and strengthening ocular muscles. Try these workouts whenever your eyes feel tired. 


Can it get any simpler than this? You just have to blink which you do every couple of seconds. We all do this every time. But wait, we don’t do it as much as we should when using our devices.

This reduces the moisture in your eyes and the blue light exposure makes your eyes feel sore and irritated. So, if you are working on a computer or your smartphone, make sure you blink your eyes every 4 seconds. Do it for 2 minutes and repeat whenever your eyes are in pain. 

Working on devices for a long period of time weakens our eyesight over time. There is a group of opticians in Bury who provide free eye tests to everyone. You can get an eye test for free and get updates on your eye health, best eye exercises to improve vision.


Eye exercises are so simple and this one is another proof of it. Just like you rub your hands to generate warmth on cold days, you have to do the same thing while performing this exercise. 

Rub your palms until you feel the heat and put them gently on your eyes. Cup your eyes for 15 to 20 seconds and repeat the process. It will bring some life to your tenses up eye muscles. To make sure that your hands don’t get tired, do this activity while sitting on a chair with a table in front of you. 

Make an 8

This exercise improves the flexibility of your eyes and helps you shift focus rapidly. Imagine there is a big 8 in front of your eyes. Move your eyes along the outlines of this figure. Do this once forward and once in the backward direction. Perform it for 3 to 5 minutes to increase the flexibility of your eyes naturally. 

The natural flexibility of your eyes decreases once you hit 40. This will hinder your near vision and you will need prescription glasses with magnifying lenses. 


It’s a perfect exercise for those who are farsighted. Hold something in your hand at an arm’s length away and look at it for a few seconds. Slowly, pull the object near to you until it is just a few inches away from your face. Then take it back to an arm’s length and repeat the activity. 

Perform it for 3 to 5 minutes. If you are at the office, you can do it at lunchtime or a short break while sitting at your desk.

Focus changing

This exercise will require you to change focus from near to far distances. You can do it while sitting or standing up.

Hold an object 10 inches away from your face and look at it for 5 seconds. Now, look at something that’s at least 15 to 20 feet away and look for 5 seconds. Perform this activity for 2 minutes to enhance the focusing ability of your eyes. 

You can find online glasses for every refractive error or vision problems. But, prevention is better than cure. Take good care of your eyes so they don’t have to struggle later in life. Best eye exercises to improve vision. Also, adopt healthy lifestyle habits and eat a nutrient-filled diet to get the maximum output from these exercises.