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Thank you to our Teachers!

A huge thank you to all the teachers around the world! May 3 is Teacher Appreciation Day, also known as National Teachers Day, and Teacher Appreciation Week lasts from May 2 – May 6. Teachers are invaluable to our communities. They nurture the growth of our students, both young and old, and inspire us to succeed with the gift of learning and education.

To show appreciation to our teachers, here is a list of all the discounts and deals for Teacher’s Appreciation Day.

Barnes & Noble: Teachers Appreciation Day Free Coffee

I know you know teachers love their coffee! I know because I’m a teacher myself! 😉 On Tuesday, May 3, Barnes & Noble Cafes across our country (United States) are offering free coffee to teachers. Teachers must show their Teacher’s ID.

  • What You Get: Tall Cup: Hot or Iced Coffee or Tea
  • How to Claim: Show teacher’s ID

Chick-fil-A Teacher Appreciation Day 2022: Deal

We love those fried chickens, and Chick-fil-A is offering teachers a free item or meal only at certain locations around the United States. Check out your local restaurant’s Facebook page for the offer.

Today, May 3, 2022, Google immortalizes the US Teacher Appreciation Day with a Google Doodle on the front page. 🙂

Johnny Rockets: Teacher Appreciation Day’s Free shake for teachers

On Wednesday, May 4 through May 10, Johnny Rockets stores are offering both teachers and healthcare workers a free Original or Deluxe Shake withany in-person purchase.

What You get: Original/Deluxe Shake

How to claim: Valid ID

Buffalo Wild Wings: Teacher Appreciation Week Discount

Wings can take us flying. Buffalo Wild Wings is offering teachers a 20% discount up to this Friday, May 6!

Staples: Teacher Appreciation Week Deals 2022

School supplies are vital to the essence of a successful classroom and school year! Staples, on their official website, says that teachers “”can stop into their nearby Staples store for a free gift box of supplies, exclusive coupons and a handful of surprises from our print team.” Hurry while supplies last.

I wouldn’t want to miss out on this deal. They are also increasing their Classroom Rewards up to this Saturday with a 20% rewards back for teachers!

Want to show appreciation for your teachers?

Here are some activities you can do to show appreciation to your teachers, tutors, and/or mentors!

  1. Write a letter! Teachers appreciate it when their students write them heartfelt letters.
  2. Give a card or drawing! Cards with pictures or simply words are all appreciated.
  3. Offer supplies to your teacher! Whether it’s handy-dandy glue-sticks, tissue boxes, or pencils, all supplies are in the classroom are often supplied by your very own teacher. Any supply donated from students or parents are much appreciated.
  4. Videos! It’s the 21st century after all! Instead of letters or cards, students are turning to making videos, whether dancing or just giving shout-out love to their favorite teachers, to show appreciation for their teachers.

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