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Fun Date Night Ideas After Baby’s Arrival


Finding time to date after a baby is born can be nearly impossible. It is something that is important to do for partners to stay connected to one another, however. But because when the word “date” is thrown around, it sounds like a lot of effort to get ready to go out, find a babysitter, and stress about how the baby is doing away from parents. Fortunately, date night does not need to be that complicated. And there are fun ways to date after the baby is born when time is limited.

Many times, the relationship between parents becomes a second or even third priority in the list of life. When this happens, it can be hard to get that spark back with any regularity.

But if couples take the time to put one another first, then there is recognition that the relationship is important. And that is why some time without the baby is not only important but necessary.

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Here are fun ways to date your partner after baby when time is limited.


10 Lawn Game Tournament

A great way to have some fun and feel like a kid again is to play some lawn games. And what better way to play than to hold a tournament out of date-time?

The great thing about playing lawn games is that it gets parents outside in the sunshine, which boosts mood. Because the games are in the backyard, when babies wake up from their nap, parents are right there to get them. And depending on how competitive the couple is, there can be some great stakes attached to the tournament where the winner could make out handsomely.

9 Picnic

Picnics are an easy way to put together a delicious meal in a short time. And the best part about it is that they can be had just about anywhere.

It does not matter if picnics are had in the backyard or indoors. It is a way to reconnect with a partner over what could be gourmet cheeses, crackers, fruits, and maybe a glass of wine. And with babies sleeping for a decent stretch either for a nap or after they go to bed for the night, there is plenty of time to enjoy the goodies before being called back to parenting duties.

8 Movie Night

With more and more movies being available shortly after they arrive at theaters, it gives new parents an opportunity to watch fairly new attractions at home together. This makes for a perfect opportunity to have a movie night and enjoy some quiet time together.

Put together some favorite concession snacks, pull up a blanket, and snuggle in. A movie date is a wonderful way to reconnect as a couple and remember for a minute what life was like without baby.

7 Make Dinner Together

Making dinner together as a couple, according to Pampered Chef is a way for couples to “provide for each other on a fundamental level.” It also allows couples to reconnect without being in front of a screen and just spending time talking to one another.

As such, pick a recipe that neither partner has ever tried before. It may turn out delicious, or it could be a disaster. But either way, the process of cooking together will be fun.

6 Have Drinks On The Deck

A very easy way to spend some quality time together is to put the baby down to bed for the evening and have a cocktail together. It can be on the deck to enjoy some time under the stars or on the patio with some twinkling lights. Whatever the atmosphere may be, what matters is the company.

And the relaxation time that partners can get together will go a long way to recharge to be ready to parent again when babies wake up.

5 Make S’mores Around The Bonfire

According to the Monterey County Weekly, how the s’more came to be is a mystery. But what is not a mystery is that it is as beloved today by kids and adults alike as it was decades ago. As such, make some for a date night around a bonfire when time is limited.

S’mores are super simple to make. But what they bring with them is the feelings of being a child and the nostalgia of fun summer evenings. Something that parents need to remember when the stress of parenthood is setting in. And by taking a few minutes to have this delicious treat, the opportunity is there to do so.

4 Purchase A Subscription Box

There are subscription boxes for just about anything these days. As such, purchase a monthly subscription box to do together as a couple and have a fun date night to look forward to in the process.

According to My Subscription Addiction, some great subscription boxes for couples include:

  • Date Night In A Box
  • Hunt A Killer
  • Escape The Crate
  • Adults & Crafts
  • Crated With Love
  • DateBox Club

With things to do from cooking to solving mysteries, crafting together, and more, there is a box for every interest. As such, couples cannot go wrong with a monthly subscription box for date night.

3 Have A Spa Night

With new babies, there probably is not a lot of time to get to a spa. As such, have a spa night together and relax in the process.

From masks to drinking cucumber water, some aromatherapy candles, massage, and more, there are plenty of ways to relax for a bit while babies slumber. And the best part is that no matter how stressed parents are, by having a date night like this, they are going to be nothing but rejuvenated when babies call out to Mom and Dad.

2 Go To Brunch

For those parents who might have a bit more time and a babysitter, going out to brunch is a way to have a quick date that is fancier than lunch but not as involved as getting ready to go out to dinner.

Not all parents will have the opportunity to go to brunch. As such, a good alternative is to choose a few favorite breakfast foods to cook together and enjoy for a late breakfast or early lunch. And because this is generally naptime for many babies, the timing is perfect to sneak this date in.

1 Let Fate Decide

When parents are not sure what to do, let fate choose what to do for a quick and fun date.

By having pre-made date ideas written on slips of paper, parents can choose one when they want to have a date together. It has to be something that can be easily done at home with no stress to pull it together. But because there is no deciding what to do, it is a great way to get together for a date, daytime or night for a date when the time is limited.

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