June 18, 2024


General Line

Here’s what to do for the weekend

Clubs, Concerts & Celebrations

VIRTUAL PIANO BAR, live-streamed virtual performances by many local musicians at https://www.facebook.com/livefromprovincetown

B.TCH MUSIC, live-streamed virtual concerts at https://www.facebook.com/b.tchmusic

BILLY HOUGH, live-streamed “Scream along with Billy,” at https://www.facebook.com/billy.hough1

JON RICHARDSON WITH PETER DONNELLY, live-streamed virtual performances at https://www.facebook.com/donnellyrichardson

ERIC MAUL, live-streamed flute musical performances at https://www.facebook.com/ericmaulflute

ROBERT WETHERBEE, live-streamed music performances at https://www.facebook.com/robert.wetherbee.7

JENNIE MCNULTY, live-streamed comedy at https://www.facebook.com/groups/692950480841750/user/1434992964/

JEREMY JORDAN & ASHLEY SPENCER, live-stream musical performance at 8 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 31, and 3 p.m. Monday, Feb. 1, in cooperation with https://thesethconcertseries.com/

CHAMBER MUSIC FOR THE OUTER CAPE HOLIDAY PERFORMANCE: This pre-recorded virtual concert performance from Dec. 15 is sponsored by the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum, Chamber Music for the Outer Cape and supporters. Available at https://www.pilgrim-monument.org/pilgrim-monument-chamber-music-series/