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How to Get Free Housing in Missouri as a Travel Nurse

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Travel nurses are registered nurses who travel to work in temporary and short-term jobs in hospitals or health care facilities anywhere where they are needed. Travel nurses are usually hired so that there won’t be any shortages of nurses or in order to have a full nurse staff in a healthcare facility. 

For travel nurses, the housing that they receive is one of the most important parts of why they decide to take on the assignment in a new place. When applying for a new position as a travel nurse, the details of the housing they will get are one of the first things that travel nurses need to know.

Oftentimes, the quality of the housing will make the transition faster and many travel nurses will often sign the contract when they know that they will have the housing that they like. In many experiences of travel nurses, the housing can make or break their experience in that assignment as they would want the housing that can make them feel comfortable and safe. 

If you are looking to be a travel nurse, housing is certainly high in your requirements, and there are many places that you can be assigned to, however there are currently many travel nursing jobs in Missouri and so, here is some information about housing in Missouri as a travel nurse. 

Travel Nurse Housing Resources

Being a travel nurse can have plenty of benefits, and one of the most important is the free agency housing that most travel nursing agencies offer. If a travel nurse does not opt for the agency housing, he or she can have a housing stipend where she or he is responsible to find adequate housing on their own. 

Here are the Top 5 Best Travel Sites and Apps for Travel Nurses

  1.  VRBO & HomeAway
  2.  Airbnb
  3.  Flipkey
  4. Tripping.com
  5. Waze

Housing Stipend For Travel Nurses

Travel nurses are given the option of getting a housing stipend. If you choose to have a housing stipend, you will be the one who will find, book and pay for your own housing and other expenses that come with the house. 

The exact amount of the housing stipend will depend on where you are going, and what kind of contract you signed. The stipend will be on a monthly basis, but for some travel nurses, the stipend is paid weekly through their paycheck. 

The one difficulty with using the housing stipend is the responsibility of finding the right house that fits the budget that you have. If you have a modest stipend, finding a large and comfortable housing with lots of spaces and security can be hard. If you are only staying for a short-term, then you will expect to pay a higher amount on lease or rent. 

Besides the rent, you can also be expected to pay for your own utilities such as the gas, water, and electricity. Of course, if the housing lacks any essentials that you need such as a coffee maker or a microwave, buying one will come from you. 

Tax-free stipends for travel nurses are available if they meet two of the three requirements for the tax homes, which are: you earn a minimum of 25% of your income in the location that you will be assigned and or if you have a permanent residence and that you have not abandoned your tax home.

3 Benefits of Using Housing Stipend

  1. Freedom of Choosing Where You Will Live

The best part about choosing the housing stipend is that you get to choose what house to live in. In agency housing, it is usually the common housing, the standard, one bed, one bath, in an apartment building, but, if you do not prefer that, the options are endless. 

You can choose to live close to work in the hustle and bustle or live farther away in a quieter, peaceful but safe area. You get to choose a house in a beach, city, or where the nightlife is vibrant, it is all up to you. 

  1. Saving Money

Many travel nurses who do housing stipends tend to find cheaper accommodations that are suitable for their needs and that are under budget and keep and save the excess money for themselves.

Some use all of their stipend money to live in the best and that works also, but many who want to make a little buck will bring their own furniture or live with a roommate if it means not using the entirety of their housing stipend. 

  1. More Time to Move and Settle

Using the housing stipend allows you to move at your own schedule, which means more time for you to get settled in the new area. In agency housing, you are usually allotted two to three days to move and settle in but with moving at your own pace, you can have time to move your things and explore the area.