December 3, 2023


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Kim Kardashian slammed for photoshopping ‘BABY FAT’ off daughter North’s stomach in ‘next level deranged’ parenting move


KIM Kardashian has been accused of photoshopping baby fat off her daughter North’s stomach.

A fan compared the mom’s image to the original, and many then called the parenting move “next level deranged.”

Kim Kardashian was slammed for photoshopping 'baby fat' off daughter North, nine


Kim Kardashian was slammed for photoshopping ‘baby fat’ off daughter North, nineCredit: INSTAGRAM/problematicfame
A fan compared an unedited photo to Kim's new version - muted in color with North's 'stomach, back & waist' taken in, they accused


A fan compared an unedited photo to Kim’s new version – muted in color with North’s ‘stomach, back & waist’ taken in, they accusedCredit: INSTAGRAM/problematicfame

Kim, 41, is known for photoshopping and editing photos of herself and her children for social media.

But she may have gone too far for some.

A fan posted an Instagram side-by-side of an image featuring Kim with her long hair down and North, nine, with adorable twin hair buns and green shorts.

“All unedited images were found on Getty or posted by the photographer prior to kim posting them,” they wrote.

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They then shared the image that Kim posted to her own Instagram.

Suddenly, North’s shorts were more muted in color – as were their skin tones – and Kim’s plump pout had a little extra volume.

But the youngster’s waist appeared to have been taken in quite noticeably, the poster claimed when sharing it.

Fans were furious by this and flooded both the comments section and Reddit having discovered it.


“Photoshopping baby fat off your child… that is all,” one wrote.

“This is just next level sick, messed up and deranged way to treat a child,” wrote another.

A third ripped: “I keep looking back and forth at North’s tummy on each photo- blows my mind. You don’t do this to your babies, this will psychologically f**k them up.”

“God this makes me so mad” one reacted. “Bums me out so much that these kids won’t know which of their baby pics are real or edited…”


It’s not the first time in recent weeks fans have discovered Kim had edited her children to please her Instagram aesthetic.

The Hulu star- who bragged about losing 16lbs for her Marylin Monroe Dress at the 2022 Met Gala- shares her four children with ex Kanye West.

The other tots are Saint, six; Chicago, four; and Psalm, three.

Earlier, a fan account on Instagram picked up on a tiny detail on Psalm’s nose another of Kim’s Instagram posts.

They zoomed into Psalm’s nose and wrote: “Kim edited her three-year-old’s nose to be a tiny bit smaller.”

The original and the edited versions were posted back to back where fans could see the difference in Psalm’s nostrils.

Fans also noticed that in another on-set snap, Kim changed the color of Saint’s shirt and hat from red to brown, seemingly just to match her nude-toned Instagram feed.

But she only changed the color on the main photo and not on the others- so in some Saint’s gear was still bright red.

As were fans, as a user posted the photos and said: “Kim is really dedicated to her feed that she edited the color of Saint’s outfit from red to brown just to match…”


Kim previously infamously admitted she had replaced her sister Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, with her other sister, Khloe Kardashian’s daughter, True, in snaps at Disney.

In December, eagle-eyed fans claimed someone had “badly edited” True’s face over someone else’s next to Kim’s daughter Chicago.

After Khloe accidentally let slip that the photos were fake, Kim cleared the air on the controversy.

The original photos showed Chicago beaming at the camera next to “True” during a trip to the attraction.

Kim admitted she swapped True’s head over her niece Stormi’s.

The reality star said she photoshopped the tot out at her sister Kylie’s request.

Kim started by explaining the color scheme of her Instagram grid, writing on her Stories: “OK OK, so you know I am all about my aesthetic!

“And my IG grid is pink and blue lately. Isn’t it so cute and well planned out! The original pics were Stormi!”

Kim admitted to sharing the doctored photos, writing: “It wasn’t the aesthetic I was going for and I can own up to that!”

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That serious switcharoo aside – North – who has been rocking some amazingly cute fashion looks lately, held up a handwritten sign begging photographers to “STOP” next to her mom during Paris Fashion Week.

Kim shared a video of the distress signal on her curated grid and called it “so funny.”

When Kim shared photos of Psalm and Saint earlier, Saint's hat and jersey changed colors


When Kim shared photos of Psalm and Saint earlier, Saint’s hat and jersey changed colorsCredit: Instagram
Kim was also accused of making Psalm's nose 'smaller' a few weeks ago


Kim was also accused of making Psalm’s nose ‘smaller’ a few weeks agoCredit: Instagram
Kim- here with North- shares four kids with ex Kanye West


Kim- here with North- shares four kids with ex Kanye WestCredit: Getty


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