May 19, 2024


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New collage art materials in the shop!


I’m so excited to be able to share some new materials with you, which go in the shop this 7 days for PRESALE. They will be shipped the initially week in June.

The first is a copy of just one of my most frequently inquired about gluebooks – my index card collage artwork collection.

More than the many years you may perhaps have viewed me working in it. Here’s just one of my standing desk with my cards. I preserve them certain with a metal ring.

A shut-up of some of the webpages.

a vintage photo of a house, collaged with pattern paper and other vintage papers
Typically it’s not feasible to put into phrases why a single paper works better than an additional in a collage. Typically it’s just a emotion,

I experienced all the things scanned to a higher resolution high-quality, so that it would print superbly, and boy, I am not unhappy! The colour and good quality is just as very good as the primary. The paper is a heavier card stock, and the colours are so lively.

It is got 38 collages on 19 cards– front and back, and arrives with the gap prepunched on each individual card. Look at out the listing if you are interested in finding up a copy. It’s $21 +shipping.

Following, I have prompt cards.

Numerous decades back I marketed these prompt playing cards: 

deck of collage prompt cards

At first I wished to reprint them, but then I started to feel that they weren’t that helpful. I wished a little something else that would get folks generating.  

I retained the graphic of the tickets, and I designed new prompt cards. They look like this beneath. I contact them Make Your Own Prompt Cards. I demonstrate you how I make a collage with the prompt in some way. The back of the card is blank so that you can produce your own.

In this article is one more:

I hope persons discover this to be a enjoyable job. I have assigned a hashtag of #mmpromptcards in circumstance anybody wishes to share on social media.

Check out them out in the shop if you are fascinated. They are $25 +delivery.


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