May 29, 2024


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NFT Artist | Steven Baltay, @realimposter



Steven Baltay is a 3D artist based in Seattle, WA. Baltay (aka, @realimposter) will work in 3d renders, carrying the most visionary feeds on Instagram.

Steven Baltay

3D Animation Artwork

Steven’s 3D renderings catch the attention of viewers into a parallel universe of both  intriguing and disgusting visuals. Essentially, he works with expressions of life forms that promote shock, repulsion, as well as enjoyment. An additional crucial stage is the choice of colours to drag curious eyes seeking for innovation into a whirlwind of emotions.

His 3D movie loops are both of those enchanted and mystical in a way. They most possibly appear from his inner creativeness and a tough mastery of producing animation loops.
Steven Baltay is inspired by the internet’s 3D animation he boosts his preliminary views primarily from Youtube and Instagram.

Steven Baltay’s Hottest Perform

His most modern trade signature is human-like heads with large eyes popping out of their sockets, juxtaposed to a comfortable and supernatural pinkish track record, and the 3D animation loops getting the tipping stage. Steven appears to be to appreciate immensely providing his creatures motion and existence – an enjoyment total of sarcasm and proficient specialized abilities.

NFT artworks

Steven Baltay’s NFT collections are on Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, OpenSea, with the Gluewave sequence or as @realimposter.

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