April 20, 2024


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Restoration of the Medieval Church of Sóly


The restoration of the medieval church of Sóly was at last completed following two decades of study and renovation. The village of Sóly is found near Veszprém and its church was initial talked about in 1009, in the basis charter of the bishopric of Veszprém, issued by King Saint Stephen. There is a principle that Sóly is the area exactly where the youthful Stephen defeated Koppány in 997, a few yrs right before his coronation. The existing church, nonetheless, dates from the 13th century and was dedicated to St. Stephen Protomartyr. Archeological exploration determined the traces of an before, wooden church below the existing edifice. The 13th-century setting up is made up of a easy just one-aisled nave and a rectangular sanctuary. The location was turned into a fortress at the time of the Ottoman occupation. From this time period, a variety of burials have been found within the making. The harmed building was ultimately restored in 1706 and was embellished various times. By this time, the local community and their church ended up Calvinist. Rich painted ornamental frames embellish the windows, embellished with biblical verses. In 1724, a painted wood gallery was put in in the nave, and the church was adorned with painted coffered ceilings as properly. As these factors were being procured and installed by the Museum of Utilized Arts in Budapest in the course of the 1890s, they were now recreated in the variety of copies. The initial wooden balustrade in the sanctuary of the church, on the other hand, was at this situation returned to the church. The western tower of the church was built in 1903.

Inside the nave of the church, a medieval fresco of the Crucifixion was uncovered in 2018. The stylistic characteristics of this painting and the Cosmatesque border decoration close to it suggest that it was painted in the 14th century. Perhaps it was part of a bigger cycle – but no other paintings have been uncovered in the church. The freshly restored church was ceremoniously opened on March 20, 2022. Get in touch with the pastor to visit.
Crucifixion fresco in the nave

Here is a modest online video of the restored church.



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