The Day – Confused new parents wrestle to take in healthful foods

Dear ABBY: I have a close buddy who just lately experienced a toddler with major well being difficulties. However, we reside on reverse sides of the state, and I can’t pay for to fly out there. I want to enable, but shorter of calls and texts to let her know I’m thinking of her, I am out of tips.

She’s talked about many instances that with all the function of currently being a new parent furthermore the added do the job included with a child with unique requirements, she usually would not have time to put together balanced foods and reverts to junk food stuff that she can grab conveniently. Ordinarily, I might provide in excess of a handful of foods to support out, but that is not possible to do when she’s so considerably away.

Cafe reward playing cards would be an choice, but regretably she and her husband will not have the time to go to one. I am hoping you may possibly have other thoughts on how I can aid out from afar.

— PUZZLED ABOUT Encouraging

Dear PUZZLED: Go on the internet and investigation foodstuff delivery solutions in the metropolis or city exactly where your pal lives. Some companies provide ready foods on a weekly basis. Other businesses ship containers of fantastic fruits just about every thirty day period. But before performing anything at all, Ask your overwhelmed close friend what she and her partner assume may well be useful alternatively than attempt to next-guess.

Dear ABBY: I might like to know if there is a great way of inquiring my niece and her boyfriend, who are in their mid- to late-20s, not to convey their telephones to the dinner desk? I have expended times planning for and cooking holiday getaway foods. The evening was much less than satisfying for me due to the fact they had been only partly there, and used most of their time texting and presumably on Fb.

It really is uncomfortable to talk to an grownup to practice good manners. Any words and phrases of knowledge will be a lot appreciated. 


Pricey Woman: Explain to your niece that you invest a large amount of time, funds and hard work on presenting these meals, and that you had been damage and offended at their apparent absence of appreciation. It is really the real truth. Do not preoccupy your self with hoping to be pleasant or you will weaken the message. Some households remedy this dilemma by insisting their visitors location their cellphones in a basket prior to supper and reclaim them as they depart. (Just a assumed!)

Expensive ABBY: My pal from church casually described that he and his spouse not too long ago aided them selves to numerous buckets of sand from a countrywide park. I am beside myself hoping to comprehend how they can justify pillaging a natural resource so they can faux they are at the seaside. It really is past selfish and just plain completely wrong. What can I say to influence them to return it? Can you enable me navigate this dialogue while still sustaining the friendship? 

— Shocked IN HAWAII

Dear Shocked: Start off by pointing out to your good friends that there are severe penalties for accomplishing what he and his wife did. I ran your letter by my previous private assistant, Winni, who life in Hawaii. She informed me that, according to the Department of Land and Natural Assets, stealing sand from the seashores is not only towards the law, but also punishable with fines of upwards of $100,000.

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