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Typhoon Taiwanese Cafe @ i12Katong: Value Weekday Lunch Specials | The Wacky Duo

Typhoon Taiwanese Cafe @ i12Katong: Value Weekday Lunch Specials | The Wacky Duo

Craving Taiwanese Food?

If you are looking for an affordable meal and drink for under $12++, Typhoon
Taiwanese Cafe at I12 Katong would be a treat.

Typhoon Taiwanese Cafe has a few outlets in Singapore, with i12 Katong being
the latest branch to launch. They aim to bring a taste of Taiwan to Singapore,
promising an authentic taste in an unpretentious setting.

The cafe at i12 Katong is an interesting concept. Located in the open area of
the basement, it opens up with no roof to the whole mall. That means you can
practically see everyone shopping while you eat. If you like to people-watch
when eating, this would be perfect.

Weekday Lunch Specials

We spotted a deal during weekdays. They have a promotion where you can choose 1
main and 1 drink for only 11.90. This weekday lunch special is only from 1130am
to 3pm, Monday to Thursday only ( Terms apply)

There is a good selection of Main, including the following 

  • Taiwan Lu Rou Rice
  • Panko Canadian Pork Chop with Egg-Fried Rice
  • Golden Chicken Fritters Mee Sua
  • Dumpling La Mian (Soup)
  • Sanbei Chicken with Basil Rice

Golden Chicken Fritters Mee Sua

When I think about Mee Sua, I always remember the ones I ate at Ximending.
For this mee sau, it was not as flavorful. However, the chicken fritters
that came with it were super crispy and delicious. The chicken fritters
itself is worth the dish.

Panko Canadian Pork Chop with Egg-Fried Rice

The egg fried rice with pork chop is one of our standard dishes to order.
Overall, it is generous in portion and filling. 

Taiwan Lu Rou Rice

The Tawian Lu Rou Rice was filled with braised pork meat, Egg and
floss.  It is decent though we do wish that there is more gravy with
the dish.

Each dish comes with 1 drink, including Classic Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Soya
Milk with Grass Jelly, Majestic Mango peach and more. With the main dish
averaging $14 per dish during regular hours and drinks costing an
average of $5 a la carte, it is a good deal.

Appetizers  & Mains

We decided to add on a few more dishes as our sides.

Typhoon Momofuku Bun $13.50

This is a dish that Grandparents love to cook during the festive season. The
pork belly could have been a little juicier to make it perfect.

Xiao Long Bao (Pork) $8.50

The Xiao Long Bao was decent. The fillings were not as soapy compared to other
places we tried. 

Taiwanese XL Chicken Chop $10.90

A generous serving of chicken chop. It’s crispy and well cook. 


Typhoon Taiwanese has a mix of signature souffle stackers and waffles. We

Carmel Pudding Mochi Waffles

The dessert was big enough to fill 4 of us. It was an explosion of flavours
with a mix of waffles, condensed milk, fruits and Carmel pudding. We would
probably give the souffle stackers a go for our future visit.


Overall, it was a value meal that we had taken. The weekday lunch specials on their own would have sufficed most. For the price point and the taste it offers, it is hard to resist having a meal there.

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