May 25, 2024


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Will Concerts Come Back In 2021?

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Concerts and music festivals may be one of the last things to come back in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. However, live event organizers are already planning to hit the road in 2021 because the show must be ongoing. You should see AmonAvis have more knowledge about the shows set to take place this year.

France is to organize various concerts in the spring, in submission to reopen the cultural sector, which has been closed for a long time due to the constraints of Coronavirus.

On Monday evening, French Culture Minister Roselyne Bachelot announced plans to hold test concerts in Paris and Marseilles in March and April.

While book shops quickly reopened as the government eased restrictions to boost sales before Christmas, concert halls and other venues gathering large crowds are extra tricky because of their high-risk factor.

The minister of Culture said she was optimistic that a solution is underway to allow seated concerts to occur under safe circumstances and hoped to replicate the festival model this summer. You can book for the concert of your choice at Live booker to enjoy your show with a satisfactory service.

Marseille’s two concerts will take place in the Dôme concert hall with 1,000 spectators, who will have “the opportunity to stand up,” Everyone will go through a test before the concert, the minister said, and the organizers will distribute face masks and hand sanitizing gel.

Throughout the concerts, everyone will have to wear a protective face mask. According to the organizers in Paris, the tracking app TousAntiCovid will function as a health pass, with a PCR test of fewer than 72 hours before the event – similar to the method used for the global trip.

No exact date has yet been set for either of the concerts, as it will depend on how the health situation will develop until then.

Here are some other events that are likely to take place in 2021.

1. The Festival of Anjou

It was created in 1952; the Anjou Festival is now the second-largest outdoor theatre event in France. Between the beginning of June and the beginning of July, 25.000 people attend about twenty performances, including many new creations. Shows take place at Anjou’s beautiful historic sites: the Castle of Plessis Macé, the Castle of La Perrière, the Arenas of Doué-la-Fontaine, and sometimes the Castle of Saumur and Brissac. Workshops and meetings are also organized by the festival’s artistic director and theatre professionals.

2. Les Flâneries Musicales

It was launched in 1990 as an initiative of the City of Reims. Les Flâneries Musicales is a classical music festival that is also open to other musical genres such as world music and jazz. The festival begins in early June and continues until mid-July. For about a month, classically trained pianists and violinists or jazz quartets and quintets have brought the city of Reims to life with different music. This concert is scheduled to take place in June/July

3. The Nîmes Arena

The Nîmes Arena has been hosting rock and contemporary music concerts for one month of the year since 1997. Every night, world-famous artists perform, such as Placebo, Muse, The Cure, Noir Désir, David Gilmour, Ben Harper, Depeche Mode, The Prodigy, David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz, and many more. The line-up is meant to be diverse and varied, not to concentrate on any specific style.

The Nîmes Arena is a listed historic statue and a forum for performances and games, making it objective for summer concerts. This concert is set to take place live in July.

4. The Orange Choregies

The Orange Choregies offer popular operas, classical music concerts, and other lyrical performances every summer. The Orange Choregies is now the oldest festival in France, dating back to 1869. And the next edition will be in July.