April 23, 2024


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Window Shop with Car and Driver


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This week’s problem will come from the very important fringes of the automotive market: discover the greatest automobile-business jingle and a motor vehicle to go with it. In accordance to the contestants, catchy hooks have been difficult to obtain of late. If this week’s episode of Window Shop were a radio station, it would be committed to the oldies.

John Pearley Huffman, recognized for his radio voice intros and like of outdated vehicles, merged the two talents. He performed a repurposed 1964 song out of Nashville that hawked a 1983 Volkswagen from Pennsylvania. Pearley then strike the superior take note with a listing for a small purple hatchback so sweet it could have presented Prince strategies about a small purple Corvette.

California girl Elana Scherr bopped to an English address of a tune by California team Sonny & Cher. Thinking about the age of the Plymouth advertised, until Scherr is reincarnated, we do not know when she would have observed the commercial in advance of digging it up on YouTube. We suspect she just required to plug the simple fact that her personal Dodge variation of that Plymouth was for sale on eBay.

Joey Capparella stuck to form with his jingle, keeping it easy. An upbeat ditty out of Brazil advertised a smorgasbord of Mazdas by repeating a solitary phrase for 30 seconds. He broke his individual mold with his listing, having said that, cueing up a person of the most challenging and sensitive Mazdas at any time bought in the U.S.

Bacon- and bourbon-loving Jonathon Ramsey went for a heartland anthem, contacting on George Thorogood’s enable promoting a Buick. Nothing at all should make an fanatic pine for the good previous days quicker than listening to basic track lines turned into shilling like “200 horsepower, no time for chrome.”

Talking of the heartland, Tony Quiroga’s jingle was yet another American normal, based on a track about a train journey that practically absolutely everyone remembers. Practically no one particular remembers the Cutlass that jingle marketed apart from the despondent adult men reportedly in the main demographic.

This week’s episode proved that earworms could not provide cars and trucks, but they can be a lot more memorable than the products they’re flogging and sometimes of superior quality.

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