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World’s Most Liveable City In 2022 | 2022


If you’re intent on transferring overseas this year but are continue to scratching your head when it arrives to location, you will want to listen up.

Every single yr, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranks towns around the entire world to establish which is the most liveable.

Vienna, Austria

The research is identified as the World-wide Liveability Index, and 173 cities were ranked in the research to identify which was the best all-rounder. 33 new towns have been included in the very last 12 months and Kyiv has experienced to be taken out from the checklist due to the war having position in the funds of Ukraine. The war has also influenced the rankings of various other European nations, which includes Russia.

Each vacation spot is ranked on security, healthcare, lifestyle and natural environment, education, and infrastructure. 

This 12 months the winner of the Global Liveability Index is…VIENNA.

The capital of Austria scored 99.1 out of a probable 100 on the analyze, scoring whole marks in each and every group apart from tradition and environment, for which it scored 96.3.

The top 10 cities are as follows:

  1. Vienna, Austria – 99.1
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark – 98
  3. Zurich, Switzerland – 96.3
  4. Calgary, Canada – 96.3
  5. Vancouver, Canada – 96.1
  6. Geneva, Switzerland – 95.9
  7. Frankfurt, Germany – 95.7
  8. Toronto, Canada – 95.4
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands – 95.3
  10. Osaka, Japan – 95.1 / Melbourne, Australia – 95.1

Vienna, Copenhagen, and Osaka all scored 100 for security, though the other metropolitan areas scored in between 90 and 95.

All towns except Copenhagen and Melbourne scored whole marks for healthcare. Copenhagen scored 95.8 and Melbourne scored 83.3.

Tradition and natural environment was a combined bag. Vancouver was the only place that scored 100, whilst every single other metropolis scored over 80. Osaka was marked as the lowest on the record with 83.1.

Vienna, Copenhagen, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Osaka, and Melbourne all scored 100 for their education and learning systems, whilst Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam scored 91.7.

Eventually, all destinations apart from Toronto scored over 90 for Infrastructure. The Canadian town scored 89.3. Spots that scored 100 were being Vienna, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, and Melbourne.

The city that was voted the minimum liveable in the entire world was Damascus, Syria. It scored just 30.7 out of 100. Balance scored 20, whilst health care scored 29.2, and lifestyle and atmosphere was marked as 40.5. Training and Infrastructure scored 33.3 and 32.1 respectively.

Other places at the bottom of the list provided Lagos, Tripoli, Tehran, and Karachi.

So, it seems to be like we’ll all be packing our bags and moving to Austria this calendar year!


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