June 18, 2024


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How To Combine Sweatshirts To Set A Trend

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It has become a very strong trend in urban looks. A garment that is even combined with a suit. That is why today I am going to explain to you How to Combine Sweatshirts with style. Take note and start making the most of all your sweatshirts.

Sweatshirts Have Become The Queens Of Your Outfits

Hoodies or fear of god essentials hoodie one of the most comfortable and versatile garments of the moment. They are as basic as jeans or white shirts.

Although originally they were created as a sports outfit, today they are part of the most urban street wear looks, although they are also part of the more formal outfits. Most of the big name brands have a sweatshirt in their collections, so do not think that they are not in style. And depending on the garments with which you combine it, you will have a more or less sporty look.

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Types of Sweatshirts

There are different types of sweatshirts that you can choose according to what type of look you want to create.

  • Hoodie with no zip – The star sweatshirt of 2021. These types of sweatshirts can help you look different. They are worn both plain and with original prints, emulating the designs of the 90s.
  • No hood and no pockets – What we know as a sweater. This type of garment is, along with the hood, the most demanded in men’s fashion. You can create a less urban and more careful look. Bet on earth tones and oversized garments.
  • Hooded and zippered – They are not the most worn, because they are quite underrated … However, they are the most versatile, as they will help protect you in the event of rain, but you can also unzip them if you start to get hot.
  • Hooded and zippered – There are fewer designs compared to the rest. Most are usually from sports clubs or are focused on the realization of some sport. On some models, the zipper is only from the top to a little below the chest. They are like this so that the neck is not so closed.
  • Short-sleeved sweatshirt – Supposedly, sweatshirts have been created to protect us from the cold. However, these types of sweatshirts have become fashionable for a few years. In this case, it is for aesthetic reasons, since you can combine them with your long-sleeved shirts to create multi-layered looks.

Ideas To Combine A Stylish Sweatshirt

When you go to buy a sweatshirt, you should check, not only that it fits you, but that the colors are the ones that suit you best. To properly combine your sweatshirts you must take into account certain points:

  • Go for pure cotton garments, although they are difficult to find. These tend to last longer and are of better quality.
  • If you want to dress in a formal style, opt for those sweatshirts without zipper. One-tone sweatshirts are better, without logos, even if they are a trend.
  • When you are going to wear a sweatshirt as part of an outfit with different layers, it will lose part of its prominence. But a look like this comes in handy on the coldest days of the year.
  • To create this look, go for a sweatshirt with or without a zip over a basic t-shirt. And, on top, a coat. And complete your outfit with slim jeans and sneakers.

On the other hand, now that athleisure fashion is taking so much, sweatshirts will come in handy. But be careful, no oversized sweatshirts with big logos. They are better, in this case, to look more elegant, a light sweatshirt, fitted to the body.

Much better if it does not have a zipper, and you can combine it with your favorite jeans and white sneakers, for example. They look great with ankle-length joggers.

If you are looking for a look with a more rocker sweatshirt, you can combine it with a leather jacket. This look never fails. But, yes, bet on quality fabrics, which fit well, but do not make you feel oppressed. A black leather jacket with black or navy blue jeans goes very well with a sweatshirt. And to enhance the ensemble, choose to wear leather shoes or Chelsea boots.

And, finally, you cannot miss the look that is most worn this season, the sweatshirt combined with a suit. Combine your sweatshirt with a casual suit and sneakers. Try it, for example, with a gray sweatshirt, a suit in a lighter shade, and lace-up shoes. But I assure you that there are infinite options, as I show you.